Start Sheet for the End of Season Event

Sunday 27th December 2015

First Tee 10:00


Off the 1st Tee:

10:00  Captain         Don Bradley        Dave Hughes       Roy Davenport

10:10  Taff Humphries     Jason Bailey     Alan Williams      Tony Martin

10:20  Harry Barbour     Steve Nash      Dave Thomas      Phil Anderson

10:30  Dave Barbour      Sandy Johnson    John Gibson     Pete Ord

10:40   Andy Roberts    I Tomkewycz    Colin Jones        Steve Williams


Off the 10th Tee

10:00  Dave Griffiths    Ben Oakley    Tush Maitra     Jason Smith

10:10  Brian Beckett    Graham Griffiths    Tom Fairclough   Lionel Lee

10:20  Steve Gauge     Andy Williams     Dave Yapp      Mike Shakeshaft

10:30  John Cleaton     Brian Suckley     Ken Evans      Steve Meredith

!0:40  Vice Captain      Martyn Smith      Pete Faulkner      A Williams



P Penrose (7) R Fox (14)